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What our families say

We want to thank you SO much for all the warmth, effort and good cheer you and your staff devoted to David and Henry during the years they were there.

North Oaks Country is a special place. It was steadily and reliably caring, stimulating and fun for the boys day in and day out. Mark, you are always such an upper, and Nikki, you keep such a steady hand on the tiller. The place always had an aura of upbeat energy and joy. The staff has always been wonderful, a real tribute to you guys. In places like this, that stuff always comes “from the top.”

You both were SO helpful with Henry in particular, from the beginning when you guided us to Building Blocs, and thereafter working so flexibly and helpful with their people. He gained SO much while he was there with you, and is so much better now. And both boys I know loved going there and being with you all.

We’ll ALL miss you and North Oaks. We’ll keep up with the news through Ms. Jodi, though.

Thanks again from our hearts for all that you did and do!

Warm regards,

David & Donna Poole


I just wanted to send a note to say how much I appreciated the warm greeting by everyone this morning. I was nervous this morning, but everyone made us feel so welcome, greeting Elizabeth by name, and having her name on the board in her room. She was so excited! This entire experience from first walking through to today has turned a stressful and scary time into a great experience. I thank you both very much. I looked at several places, but you stood out with your warm reception.
I will be there to pick her up and pay the dues today.
Georgianna Patterson


As I walked out the door today after dropping off by best buddy, I couldn’t help but to notice that my heart was smiling. Mark, Nikki, and their staff are doing great things with their business. North Oaks Country Child Development Center is filled with love and security. This fact is evidenced by the way my two-year-old’s face lights up at the mere suggestion that it is time to go to “school to see Ms. Brittany!” Awesome atmosphere and fantastic people from top to bottom! Keep up the great work y’all!
Troy Mussey


NOC is absolutely fabulous. Not only are all the teachers and staff wonderful and attentive to my children, they also have that great in-home atmosphere while still giving quality teaching. My son was in the 3s class and had trouble listening, playing nicely, and pronouncing his Fs and Ls. Within a month of being there, he was already learning proper behavior AND the teacher was actively working just with him on his speech.

There are a lot of daycares out there, and sometimes it’s hard to tell which ones are worth the expense. Not only is North Oaks WELL worth the expense, they’re also incredibly reasonable. Plus, there is nothing so awesome as a fully-shaded playground during a Texas summer. If you’re looking for a day care, don’t pass over this gem.

Stevie Matus

“I was so fortunate to find North Oaks Country for my children. Patty and her staff are wonderful with each child and my children thrived there. I moved my child from a national chain daycare because of the staff turnover. I found a staff that was committed to NOC and committed to my children. We had the same teacher until it was time for my child to move to the next age bracket. I loved the small class size and the attention that each teacher provided. My children still speak so fondly of their days at Ms. Patty’s school. If our family did not move from Austin, I would continue to be using her excellent facility now.”

– Katherine W.

“We could not wait for our daughter to turn 18 mos old so she could attend NOC. From the first visit and every day since, it is clear how much our daughter is loved by everyone at NOC. The teachers are wonderful and the rate she is learning is truly amazing. Now 4 yrs old, our daughter thinks of NOC as her family, as do we.”

– The A. family

“We love North Oaks Country. We had one daughter start here when she was 18 months old. She loved it. She was there until the 5th grade (after shool care). She is now in High School – Wow. Now our other daugter started at NOC at 18 mos. old, she is now, 2 1/2 and loves coming to school every morning. Every day it seems she has learned something new. Both of our daughters are extremely bright and we know it is due to their start at NOC.”
– Mark and Lisa T.

“We have three sons ages 12 ,8 and 2. Our two older boys began going to NOC when they were 18 mos old and graduated from NOC and continued on with the after school care at their request. Currently our 2 yr old son attends Patty’s daycare. I drive 45 minutes out of the way just to take him to NOC. The peace of mind I have knowing our precious child is in a safe, nurturing environment is priceless. We would never consider anyone else to take care of our children. Their assistance in potty training, teaching manners, sharing and preparing them for school is phenomenal. Patty keeps her daycare in tip top shape and beyond regulation, making this a very safe environment. We have been blessed to have such loving and caring people like Ms. Patty and Ms. Shelly, who has been with NOC over 20 years, taking care of our children, as they are like family to them and us.”
– Celeste and Scott W.