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About Us


North Oaks Country is a 32 year old locally owned one-of-a-kind childcare facility nestled on 1.3 acres just off Anderson Mill Rd. We offer a non-corporate environment for our outstanding students to learn and flourish as they get prepared for a bright future.

N.O.C. is a fully licensed childcare facility open weekdays 6:45 am to 6:15 pm for your convenience. North Oaks Country offers a stimulating, nurturing, academic environment for children 18 months through elementary after school care.

We feel what we do at North Oaks is some the most important work to be done. We are raising the future. It is so important to instill right from wrong, respect for others, and manners at this age. The age at which children learn the most is 0 to 7 years old. This is the time they learn trust vs mistrust, autonomy vs shame and initiative vs guilt. These are the first 3 stages of development according to Erik Erikson. These first three stages help develop Hope, Will, and Purpose. It is vital to provide a warm caring environment where children feel loved, so they can allow themselves to feel comfortable enough to open up and be taught. A child with worries or anxiety while at school is not a child concerned with learning.

At North Oaks, we provide an environment of safety, education, and fun for everyone. Everyone learns, has fun, and feels safe. We provide a caring home environment that everyone can feel comfortable in. Here at North Oaks we like to think that we are part of a family support system because we are here to help. Raising a family in today’s world is not easy, and everyone can use some support during the journey.

North Oaks has been here since 1984. There have been only 2 owners in all that time. Mark and Nikki bought North Oaks from Patty and Larry. We were not looking to buy a school; we just fell in love with the school that our boys were attending. The neighborhood school with a family feel is something that we wanted to be a part of every day. Patty and Larry finally decided to retire and sold the school to us in 2012. With a mountain of energy and fresh ideas, along with Shelly our assistant director of almost 30 years, we knew we could make North Oaks into something even more special. And we did.

Since taking over North Oaks we have remodeled the whole inside, including new floors, paint, air conditionings, bathrooms, siding, new fences and security cameras. We have also double our enrollment and staff. We have added Frog Street Press curriculum, new toddler curriculum, iPads in all the rooms, childcare software with parent interaction, North Oaks Facebook page, and acquired many nice reviews online. We love what we do here and the meaningfulness that it brings to our lives. We invite you and your family to join our family for the most amazing phase of life.